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Strollers & Carriers


  • Travel System or traditional stroller - 2H. Get it second hand for sure with matching car seat. I got the Chico Key Fit for free from friends, both times. 
  • Lightweight stroller - NN - Umbrella stroller you will only need when the baby is a toddler so wait... don't put it on the registry, it is cheap somewhat.
  • Carrier - 2H - If they are talking about a baby bjorn thing, 2H for sure. I did not use it more than a couple of times. So complicate dto put the baby on those things... wraping or not... and it is not confy and cozy as it looks... it is ackward, heavy and you still can't get anything done while "wearing the baby"... you can't load or unload your dishwasher... My friend had the Ergo Baby and that one is easier on your back...
  • Diaper bag (2) - NN - really BRU? Why 2 diaper bags? For baby 3 I used a big clear backpack that I had and it was my favorite diaper bag. everything in ome big compartment, I could see what was or wasn't in there; 2 straps to put on my back, much easier thaan a shoulder one. 
  • Double Stroller - 2H - This is not on the BRU list, assuming you are a first timer... but if you are a second timer, I like the easiness of the double stroller when you have 2 under 3 and you go library, park etc.. New it costs about $100. get it second hand for $50. I bought the Sit and Stand (two times!). Really lightweight... fits most car seats... I sold the first one for $60. Baby 3 came along and I got a new one from my mom, $100 or so. 
















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