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Baby Registry SAMPLE

So below is a sample of what Babies R Us says you need... They have it split into 2 categories: MUST-HAVE and GOOD-TO-HAVE. I am combining it all in one list... I mean really, other than a crib, a coupe of sheets, a few bottles, clothes and diapers, everything is a GOOD to HAVE... So I'd rather classify into 2H (second hand is fine) GN (get new) or NN (not really needed...)




Bassinet - 2H - I say Must Have and get it second hand because you will likely use it for 4 months (give it or take depending on how big your baby is). I got my first from a friend and my second... at the curb, brand new!
Crib - 2H - A shout out to friends and get a 2H one... trust me, your baby will never know...
Crib Matress - New - Hard to find 2H crib matress.. if it is from a friend, get 2H. I never bothered with organic.. basic matress was fine for me and my 3 kids. Here is one
Changing Table - NN or 2H or a cheap one. You are going to be so busy, you will change your baby anywhere... on the couch, on the trunk, on the floor... the changing mat is important.. the changing table, any surface will do, or get a $30 one.. not a $300 like I did.
Dresser or Chest - NN or 2H- really? Anything will do... get something ar the Restore, craigslist... why bother with a $400 one? Spend $40 max.
Glider and Otoman - NN - Unless you can get something really noce out of this world confortable (some people swear by it), any chair or couch will do. This Glider and Otoman thing is something created by marketing dpt... I got a $40 one from walmart... I am not sure you will have time to enjoy it or room in your house for another piece of furniture. 
Nightstand - NN - any table will do...
Nightlights - GN - Add it to the list - Must have - There are a milion options. Skip the dollar store 

because it brakes / bruns in days. Invest on something nicer. 

















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