New Mom 101


Registry 101


It varies from mom to mom... from store to store... but generaly they suggest you buy way more than you need... and there are a LOT of things you could get second hand (like new) for a fraction of the cost or free. So following is my list of suggestions on what to get new; What to get second hand; What not to get. What do you need x What you could use x what to get new x what to get second hand.













5 tips for saving BIG on Baby Stuff:

1 - SKIP the stores, specially the baby store

2 - Create a registry online, preferabily on Amazon. Take advantadge of 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime and everything will ship inn 2 days or less for FREE, for LESS than Babies R Us.

3 - Don't ask for gift cards. If you ask for Gift Cards, get Amazon ones

4 - Check my suggestions to see what is worth getting second hand

5 - Start shoping early, take advantage of yard sales, church sales and purge summer days.