New Mom 101


Health And Safety


  • Grooming Kit (brush, nail clippers) - GN 
  • Thermometer - GN -
  • Nasal Aspirator - GN - I like what I call the bucky sucker LINK It has helped me trough many cold and congested nights. Don't bother with filters and don't bother with the electric ones. Buky sucker it is! It is your baby, it is not gross. Gotta have LUNGS!
  • Laundry Detergent - GN - Dreft for baby 1.. for baby 3, arm and hammer is fine
  • Baby Gates - 2H - You will have time to get it 2H or get it for free w coupon.
  • Outlet covers and plugs - GN - same as above, it can wait
  • Cabinet and Drawer latches - GN - you have time to get it discounted or new but it can wait 10 months
  • First Aid Kit - GN * Get survival kit: Gas drops, teething medicine, gripe water etc. When baby is hysterical and won't stop farting and crying, you will be glad to have that at home! LINK
  • Handle and door knobs - GN at 10 months
  • Edge and corner cushions - GN at 10 months
  • Furniture / TV wall straps - GN if you need
  • All the links to products reflect my PERSONAL MOMopinnion! They are NOT sponsored by any company! I linked to Amazon because I trully believe it is the BEST deal for moms! 













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  • Humidifier - NN - buy when you need it
  • Monitor - NEW - Get new on Amazon, it gives you peace of mind that if it brakes, no hassle returns. I HIGHLY recomend motorolla (LINK)
  • Hampers - NN - Really? Use your hamper, a basket, anything can be a hamper!
  • Hangers - 2H - yes or store hangers will do to.
  • Mobile - GN/2H - Almsot a Must Have. I say worth it. I suggest this one: all my 3 kids loved it.