New Mom 101


Free or Cheap

That Is My List For Chep / Free:

  1. Curb
  2. Facebook - Friends / Resale Groups
  3. Craigs List
  4. Clubs / Exchange For Reviews
  5. GoodWill / Thrift Store

I learned the hard way (or should I say the Expensive way?) that babies outgrown everything SUPER fast!  Specially on the first year. If you save an outfit for "a special day", odds are that when you decide to use it, it won't fit baby anymore. So, lets go to the tips that will help you save BIG on baby stuff. 


1 - Skip the baby store.

Nothing against them... they have some adorable stuff.. and that is the problem. You are not going to resist the urge to get everything and some more. They have people that get paid the big bucks to make sure you BUY BUY BUY :D 

If you don't see it, you won't feel the urge to buy.


2 - Buy and make your registry on Amazon

Babies Are us is a PAIN on returns and most of the stuff is about 20% more expensive than on Amzon. Trust me on this one. Amazon is so good on returns, kind like Kohls. No hassle! They will give you a shipping label for whatever you need. If something brakes, just open a chat and tell the CSR. In the other hand, if you get a baby monitor from Babies Are us and it brakes in the first 6 months... you are out of luck. They will ask you for a receipt... to contact the manufacture.. the manufacture will ask for a receipt...  On Amazon, I've had my monitor stop working a couple months after the warranty expired, and they sent me a new one. Enough said. 


3 - Get free stuff

Drive around the neighborhood. On your trip to the doctor, keep your eyes OPEN to the curb. Trust me. For baby 3 I got bassinet, pack n Play, Swing, Jumparoo and could have got more stuff, but I didn;t need anything else. I saw car setas, exersaucers, double strollers... all at the curb. I know the feeling. Been there, done that. After baby 2, one summer day, I just HAD it! I had to empty my basement! I tried posting on resale sites on facebook... $5 bucks for a walker.. $5 for a bumbo seat... but it seemed like the whole world was doing the same. I also got tired of the questions like: "what is the condition?", "where are you located?", "Can you do $3?"... I thought it was not worth thr trouble of taking pictures, uploading, all the questions... So much stuff.. I just had a purge attack and put EVERYTHING at the curb! Expensive stuff like Dr Browns Bottles, Rocking Chair, Bundle Me, Crib Set... I don't even want to remember! The guy who had a flea market kinda place was driving buy and took everything! 

Guess what? 2 years later, I decided to have baby number 3. And I was broke.

So, don't be shy. If it is at the curb, another mom just had enough (like I did) and decided it was not worth the hassle for 5 bucks. Lucky you. 


Sometimes it will be brand new (like my bassinet, still with the manual inside!). Sometimes it will be broken (like my pack n play) but it might be an easy fix. I am SO GLAD I picked up the pack and play and the swing! I almost want to drive back and leave that person something nice on her mailbox.

More free stuff?


Shout out on Facebook. Your friends (or a friend of a friend) might be looking at a bassinet right now and thinking... Ugh, this is taking space and baby is kinda big for it... Shout it out "ISO (in search of...). That is how I got my exersaucer! 


Resale Groups and Craigslist

Now with Resale Groups on facebook, I haven't looked at Craigslist in a while... People are selling everyhting for cheap. If it is not cheap, don't buy it. They are not going to hold on to it for long. Grab clothes, exersaucer, all the stuff that I say get 2H on the Baby Registry list. 

More free?

There are a number of sites that give you free stuff in exchange for a review. Most recently than changed the policy and just give you stuff free, no need for review. My favorite is Elite Deals Club and Snagashout. I got crib matress pad, cabinet locks, bibs... they have all sort of stuff, and sometimes baby stuff. 

Another one is B2K marketing. A few times a year then send out products in exchange for reviews. It is a pain to write so many reviews, even if you copy and paste, but they send you nice / expensive stuff (diaper genie, toys, baby gates, bottles...). 

There are other sites but I haven't found them worth it. I am still looking for one that gives aways Carter's clothes for reviews. I hve seen people post reviews saying they got it at a deep discount... if you find out, let me know :D

If things are REALLY tuff, check your local community resources. Children's First, Family and Youth Services, Church groups...


Goodwill / Savers / Thrift Stores

That is in the cheap category. Thrift store of your area. In my area, Goddwill on Sundays has some good deals. It has gotten expensive over the years. Sometimes it is cheaper to shop at Kohls with coupons... Savers in RI is good too. 
















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