New Mom 101


Feeding baby 


  • Breast Pump - 2H or GN - New if your insurance will pay for it. I guess now it is law. At my OBGYN they pushed me to get one w insurance plus I got a couple from friends plus a manual one at the hospital. When I had baby 1 there wasn't a law and pump was expensive! I got a 2H from a friend, new plastic pieces at the hospital. 
  • Nursing Pads - NN - You will get tons of samples
  • Breast Milk storage containers or bags - NN - You will get samples, buy some if you run out.
  • Nursing Covers - 2H or GN - Tons of coupons with your baby stuff for free nursing cover, shout out to friends... GN if you have a free coupon.
  • Nursing Pillow -  2H - Overrated. The "boppy pillow" is nice but really not that big of a deal.. any pillow will do or get it 2H and put a new cover or throw it on the washing machine. Just ask if it comes froma  smoke-free home.
  • Baby support pillow - NN - never heard of it
  • Bottles starter set - GN or 2H - 2H if you can find the brand you like, like Dr Browns or playtex. Don't buy bottles that you don't like. Get new nipples. LINK HERE
  • Bottles 4  or 5 oz - NN - Don;t go bottle crazy specially if you will breastfeed / stay home. Baby 3 I barely used bottles.
  • Bottles 8, 9 or 11oz - NN - Buy as needed. By 7 months your baby should be on sippy cups already.
  • Slow Flow nipples - NN - nipples come with the bottles
  • Medium Flow Nipples - NN - they come w the bottles
  • Fast Flow Nipples - NN - Sippy cup time
  • Bibs - NN - You will get them somehow... Get it free or buy s few. 
  • Burping Cloths - NN - BIG NOT NEEDED! Last thing you will remember is tu put a cloth on your shoulder! Baby will burp cloth or no cloth!
  • Pacifiers - GN - Don;t go crazy. babies are very particular about which kind they like. Get a couple and try.. trial and error. 
  • Pacifier Holders (2 or more) - NN - Wait until you know what kind baby likes... Holder or not, you will loose them.
  • Teethers (3-4) - GN or 2H -  yeahh wait until you need them. Baby will bite anything he sees in front of him. 
  • High Chair - 2H - Tough one... They make a big mess... if you are willing to give it a scrub, 2H. 















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  • Humidifier - NN - buy when you need it
  • Monitor - NEW - Get new on Amazon, it gives you peace of mind that if it brakes, no hassle returns. I HIGHLY recomend motorolla (LINK)
  • Hampers - NN - Really? Use your hamper, a basket, anything can be a hamper!
  • Hangers - 2H - yes or store hangers will do to.
  • Mobile - GN/2H - Almsot a Must Have. I say worth it. I suggest this one: all my 3 kids loved it.