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Caring For Baby - Diapering


I recomend Amazon for diapers and wipes. And PAMPERS. You can easily compare prices, get a subscribe and save discount... it is the same or cheaper than walmart (usually cheaper because amazon boxes are bigger, not available at walmart. It makes up for those 41 off or so coupons. On anoher note, I recomend PAMPERS. They last longer, stay dry longer... so instead of 2 or 3 cheap diapers, you use 1 pampers. 


  • Diapers, up to 8lbs (4 value boxes) - NN - You will get diapers from the hospital, from baby shower, gifts... and your baby will likely be born around 8lbs so he might fit on those diapers for a week.
  • Diapers, 8 to 14lbs (5 value boxes) - NN - I mean no need to buy 5 value boxes! Buy 1 or 2 if you don;t get on your baby shower. Again the baby will outgrow it quickly.
  • Baby Wipes (4 value boxes) - NN - I mean get 1 value box... get more as needed. 
  • Diaper cream & Oitment - GN - easy on that. Desitin is the famous one but my pediatrician recomended Calmoseptine. What a miracle! Baby 3 was so red from pooping so much... until I picked up this amazing cream. Available at senior people aisle of Walgreens.
  • Diaper pail & Refils - NN - it is convenient but not needed. I used a regular garbage can and walmart bags with babies 1 and 2. I got a free diaper pail and 1 year of refil bags for FREE with B2K marketing. LINK
  • Bathing
  • Baby bathtub - 2H - yes, baby will use it for less than a year, shout out on facebook or resale groups. If you get new, don't go fancy crazy.
  • Baby bath towels - 2H - Any towel will do... soft and hooded is good.
  • Wash cloths - NN - Those things just show up like bunnies, everywhere... 
  • Shampoo and Body wash - GN - Any trip to walmart will do... burts bee, Avenoo... every mother wswears by a specific brand.
  • Baby Lotion - GN - again, walmart is fine
















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  • Humidifier - NN - buy when you need it
  • Monitor - NEW - Get new on Amazon, it gives you peace of mind that if it brakes, no hassle returns. I HIGHLY recomend motorolla (LINK)
  • Hampers - NN - Really? Use your hamper, a basket, anything can be a hamper!
  • Hangers - 2H - yes or store hangers will do to.
  • Mobile - GN/2H - Almsot a Must Have. I say worth it. I suggest this one: all my 3 kids loved it.