New Mom 101


Getting Dressed


  • Bodysuits (10-12) - 2H - Bodysuits also called onesis are a pain in the b**** to put on a tiny baby. 3 kids and I almost never used them. I used zipper pj's, zipper sleep n plays... So get a few but really, get it at goodwill or resale sites.. and get it big.

  • Sleep & Play (6-8) - 2H / New - If you can find a good deal on 2H, go for it. Babies outgrow those so fast, odds are it was barely used. I prefer the zipper ones than the snap ones. Those snaps are like a survivor challenge to get them right. I say 2H for most and New for a few zipper ones because they are harder to find. Oh, I like footed ones. Keeping track of socks is not easy. I recomend the simple gerber ones.. sometimes you can find good deals on Amazon like packs of 4 for 10 bucks. Link here

  • Side-snap shirts (4-6) - NN, I would stcik with PJ's

  • Gowns - NN - Babies legs never stay inside, you can't pit those in the car seat... stick with PJ's.

  • Caps, Mittens and Booties - NN EXCEPT the mittens. Mittens are very helfull for the firt month and you will have to get them new. I never saw anybody bother to sell mittens.

  • Socks (6-8 pais) - GN - Nobdy bothers to sell socks 2H.. don;t go crazy.. if you have footed PJ's, you will not need socks.

















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  • Humidifier - NN - buy when you need it
  • Monitor - NEW - Get new on Amazon, it gives you peace of mind that if it brakes, no hassle returns. I HIGHLY recomend motorolla (LINK)
  • Hampers - NN - Really? Use your hamper, a basket, anything can be a hamper!
  • Hangers - 2H - yes or store hangers will do to.
  • Mobile - GN/2H - Almsot a Must Have. I say worth it. I suggest this one: all my 3 kids loved it.