New Mom 101


On the go - Car Seats


  • Infant car seat - 2H - BIG 2H. Babies outgrow it so fast... you can get car seat and stroller much cheaper or free. Sout out to friends, reasale sites. I know people say you shouldn't because you don't know if it has been on an accident... Odds are it hasn't and they have expiration date.
  • Convertible Car Seat - GN - If it is a convertible, I understand you will be able to use from baby to toddler or kid... so if you are gonna get 3 or more years out of it, invest on a new one. There are a billion options and I don't have a preference since all the ones I got were Safety First and Chicos (second hand). So I like the Safety First because once I had to wash it and... I almost LOST MY MIND trying to assemble it again.  So why do I recomend it? Because I contacted the company and they skyped with me, showing me how to put it back together! Not only that but they shipped me a brand new seat cover as a back-up, for next time my kid throws up in the car again. That is my kind of costumer service! 















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  • Humidifier - NN - buy when you need it
  • Monitor - NEW - Get new on Amazon, it gives you peace of mind that if it brakes, no hassle returns. I HIGHLY recomend motorolla (LINK)
  • Hampers - NN - Really? Use your hamper, a basket, anything can be a hamper!
  • Hangers - 2H - yes or store hangers will do to.
  • Mobile - GN/2H - Almsot a Must Have. I say worth it. I suggest this one: all my 3 kids loved it.