New Mom 101




  • Crib Bedding Set - 2H - HUGE 2H here! Those things cost a fortune and, as you will see belor, you are not going to use the sheet itself... maybe the bumper.. the blanket will become decoration so... get it second hand for sure!
  • Fitted Crib Sheets (4-6) - GN - Let me open a parentesis here. I say GET NEW because there is one kind of crib sheet that is SO WORTH bying it, it is really hard to find it second hand. It is called a ZIPER SHEET! This WONDERFUL invention will save you a lot of headache! TRUST ME on this one! Available at Amazon! You will be SO GLAD you have ziper sheets when your baby leaks or throw up in the middle of the night.. or any time really... they have the plush kind, (sooo soft!) and a cotton type too for hot summers. You can get the base for like $40 and the sheets for like $30 or the whole kit. Please do yourself this favor! LINK HERE (This is NOT sponsored suggestion, it really is a GREAT invention!)
  • Matress pads and Waterproof Pads - GN - Hard to find those second hand and baby will likely pee on it for a couple of years... You can find it a lot on deal sites like Elite Deals Club and Snagashout for a $1 or $2.
  • Changing Table Pad - GN or 2H - yes, this is a must have and it costs only like $15 bucks... It has the sides higher. Skip the changing table but get the mat/pad.
  • Changing Table Pad Covers - GN or 2H (hard to find 2H but a shout out to fineds might do it)
  • Receiving Blankets - NN - You will get so many somehow... from the hospital, from friends... what do you do with it? Just put on your shoulder... I often forgot about it...
  • Crib blankets - NN - You will end up with a few somehow...
  • Swaddle blankets and wearable blankets - 2H if you can find.. the swaddle thing you will use for a week at the most... the wearable one for a couple of months...















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