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Tips and Tricks to save BIG on Baby Stuff

Medical Bills


Like they say.. by the second kid, every mom is an expert... so take my advice... I am on my third and I learned a few tricks that will save you BIG money! Learn what you REALLY need.. what is VERY GOOD to have... What you can get second hand and what is easy to get it free. 

One thing is for sure: If you walk into the baby store, you will leave your pants there! Everything is so cute! It smells so good and you are so vulnerable... Everything is well planned to make you BUY BUY BUY. So if you can't afford to splurge... my first tip: Buy everything ONLINE! Check out my baby registry Sample. What to get, what to ask, what not to bother and more tips. Check out my 5 tips to save big on baby stuff!

I wish I knew that with my first or my second...  Medical bills are outrageous! Did you see the post of a dad who got charged $35 for "skin to skin contact" ? No kidding! Pediatrician will come into your room, tell you your baby is cute... and charge you (or your insurance) $500 for that 3 minute chat. Learn what to do BEFORE you have the baby. Learn about Medical Bills